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Online Enrichment Classes
from CreativeLive

Introducing online enrichment classes for adults! Forest Hills Community Services has partnered with a leading online class provider, CreativeLive, to offer a huge variety of classes to inspire and inform you. From arts and crafts to self-improvement and wellness, we’re sure you will find a class that will spark your interest.

• CreativeLive streams several classes 24/7 that you can watch for free!
• Browse their vast library of 1,500+ classes in many categories. 
• Buy your faves. Learn at your own pace. Own them for life.
• Learn from handpicked instructors who teach the way you love to learn.



Staff Picks!

This Week's Featured Classes

The Magic of Watercolor

Join artist Molly Murrah for a fun, 5-week watercolor class for beginners. Learn about color, papers, brushes, drawing and composition, as well as many great painting techniques that will get you working and playing with watercolors!

Introduction to Mixed Media

Mixed media is such a broad, all-encompassing topic that it is easy to become overwhelmed before you even start experimenting. In this class, instructor Stephenie Hamen will cover all the basics and teach you how to lay out a mixed media art piece, step-by-step and item-by-item.


Your Social Media Bootcamp

Are you a small business owner, entrepreneur or a brand enthusiast looking for a social media transformation? In this course, instructor Jasmine Star gives you the skills to dramatically improve and grow your social media marketing to work for you. Learn how to develop a plan, how to consult and create with a brand photographer, and how to show up with the content on days you think you have none.

Basics of Adobe CC: Photoshop, Illustrator & Indesign

The Adobe® Creative Cloud is a robust set of tools that can answer any number of design needs. It can, however, seem confusing to the new user in terms of when to use what program for which project. Jason Hoppe, an Adobe Certified Expert and trusted CreativeLive instructor, is ready to clarify the process and help you dive into each of the Creative Cloud design tools.

Family Photography: Modern Storytelling

Learn how to capture genuine, emotional images of families. In this class, Kirsten Lewis will teach you how to take meaningful documentary-style family photographs. She takes a unique approach by leaving posing techniques and studio light at the door to capture real moments, as they are lived.


Keep It Local!

Always Start with Enjoylearning.com

When considering a CreativeLive online class, we encourage Forest Hills residents to start at this website, enjoylearning.com, and then click one of our links to get to CreativeLive. By doing so, you are supporting your local school district. We receive a modest percentage of your purchase which enables us to develop future in-person enrichment programs for our community. Thank you for your support.


Select from over 1,500 classes on the CreativeLive website.

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