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Day Trips: See the Sights!

Enjoy discovering West Michigan’s popular destinations by taking a day trip with your Forest Hills friends and neighbors! Our trips include comfortable round trip transportation provided by Great Lakes Motorcoach with a friendly host and guide.

Heritage Restaurant
& Ford Museum Day Trip

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

10:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Register by Wednesday, March 14

Heritage Restaurant: Three-Course Meal

The Heritage Restaurant is a fine dining public restaurant staffed by culinary school students under the direct supervision of chef professors and table service professors at Grand Rapids Community College’s Secchia Institute for Culinary Education.

Enjoy a three-course meal served with coffee, tea, lemonade or soda. For the entrée, choose between Salvadoran-style pork, South African strip loin of beef, Indian Red Drum fish, or hispanic seared chicken breast. These entrees are very flavorful and bold, but not spicy (side sauces are available for those who like extra spice.) Please indicate pork, beef, fish or chicken when registering. The Culinary Institute has requested that we have an even distribution of entrees. This helps the culinary students to plan and deliver the meals to each table in a timely manner.

Optional Tour: Following lunch, take a 15-20 minute tour around the culinary facility. Otherwise, you can stay seated to savor your dessert, coffee and conversation a little longer.

Ford Museum: Betty Ford Exhibit

Born April 8, 1918 in Chicago, Betty Bloomer’s family moved to Grand Rapids when she was two. As a teenager, she began dancing. Her talents brought her to performances inNew York City, including Carnegie Hall, and back again to Grand Rapids to teach dance lessons. In 1948, she married Gerald Ford in East Grand Rapids, and afterward moved to Washington DC to pursue her husband’s political career. The rest is history. She served as First Lady of the United States from 1974 to 1977.

In celebration of her 100th birthday in April, the Ford Museum is honoring her with a special exhibit, “A Step with Betty Ford: A Celebration of Her Centennial.” Throughout her life, Betty Ford candidly discussed life’s challenges that created awareness and conversations about women’s issues. Even after her death in 2011, Betty continues to be an inspiration.

The Details

The cost of the day trip is $47 per person ($49 for non-residents). Price includes transportation by motorcoach, lunch, fees, tours and trip guide. Tipping is optional for the driver, and guide Karen Horrigan.

When registering, please indicate your preference of pork, beef, fish or chicken for your lunch entree. On the day of the trip, please arrive by 10:45 a.m. inside the Community Services building, 660 Forest Hill Ave SE, Grand Rapids. The motorcoach returns back by 4 p.m. There are no refunds after registration deadline, unless we can find a replacement for your spot.

Register by clicking/tapping here or call the Community Services office at (616) 493-8950.

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Betty and Gerald Ford;
Ford Museum


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