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The Pool Schedule specifies the dates and times for various pool activities of interest to the general public.  Please call the Aquatic Center Office at 493-8950 if you have pool schedule questions.   

Scheduled Pool Closings


January 5 All day Swim Meet



Inclement and Severe Weather Policy

If Forest Hills Public Schools is closed due to inclement weather, then the Community and Aquatic Center will also be closed. All scheduled activities on said day will also be cancelled. The Community and Aquatic Center will be closed in the event of a tornado watch, tornado warning or a power outage lasting longer than 30 minutes. In the event of a lightning sighting, the pool will be cleared. Patrons will be allowed in the water after there has been a 30 minute period with no lightning sightings.

Special Needs Swimmers


Special needs swimmers are always welcome. A pool lift is available. Two lap lanes are available during Open Swim times. Circle swimming is encouraged.


Winter Pool Schedule


Saturday January 5, - Wednesday March 27, 2019


Lap swim


Monday through Friday         6:00 am –  8:30 am*

Monday through Friday        11:15 am 12:45 pm

Saturday                               1:00 pm –  2:00 pm

Sunday                                 12:00 pm1:00 pm


During lap swim all patrons are encouraged to swim circles. Swimming circles is proper lap swim etiquette and provides an opportunity for more swimmers to enjoy the pool at the same time. Circle swim instructions are posted in each locker room. 


*Forest Hills Public Schools sports teams may be practicing during the 6:00-8:30 am lap swim.  They may be using the diving well and lanes 1 and 2 OR lanes 1 - 4.


Water Walking (shallow water)


Tuesday and Thursday        11:15 am - 12:45 pm

Saturday                               1:00 pm –  2:00 pm

Sunday                                 12:00 pm1:00 pm


Parent/Child Swim (shallow water)   


Tuesday and Thursday        11:15 am- 12:45 pm*  


Children in diapers must wear cloth diapers or swim diapers with tight rubber or plastic pants over the diaper. Parent and child must be in the water together: shallow end only.               


Open Swim


Saturday                               2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Sunday                                 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


To attend Open Swim without adult supervision, children must be at least 52" tall. Flotation devices must remain in the shallow end. Children wearing flotation devices need an adult in the water with them at all times. Shoes and shirts are required everywhere in the building except on pool deck and in the locker rooms. The locker rooms will close 10 minutes after the open swim end time.



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